Where can I buy a SwissAssist membership?
You can purchase a SwissAssist membership on our website www.swissassist.ch
Instantly upon payment you will receive your membership number and be entitled to SwissAssist’s repatriation service.

How much does it cost?
Price for 14 days coverage is 25 eur. Price for one month coverage is 45 eur. Price for an annual coverage is 90 eur. Price for an annual family coverage is 185 eur. No additional cost of repatriation is charged to you.

Can I lend my card to someone else?
No, your membership is personal and non-transferable.

Can I buy the SwissAssist membership for someone else?
Yes, when registering please provide the name of the person you wish to buy the membership for.

Is SwissAssist an insurance?
No, our service is not configured as an insurance. SwissAssist members benefit from free private jet ambulance repatriation services in case of need, according to the terms and conditions provided.

If my insurance already offers repatriation, why should I buy the SwissAssist card?
Normally medical/travel insurances repatriate you with a commercial airline alongside hundreds of other passengers. Your SwissAssist membership provides you with a private and comfortable repatriation while being constantly cared for and monitored by our specialized medical crew.

Can my repatriation be different than my place of residence?
In general, we provide repatriation to a hospital near your place of residence. However, each case is examined carefully and individually and our medical staff will assist you in choosing the most adequate hospital for your health condition.